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Artistic and Historical Exhibition – Dezider Milly Gallery SNM-MUK which was made available in 1983, is located in a Baroque church from the 18th century. It shows the development of folk and professional art of Ukrainians in Slovakia since the 16th century until now. The dominant feature of the exhibition is a rare collection of icons that belong to the oldest and most precious art collections of the SNM – Museum of the Ukrainian Culture in Svidník. The focal point of the exposition are the artworks of national artist Dezider Milly (1906 – 1971) – a member of Generation 1909 who steps in the history of modern fine arts in Slovakia as one of its founders. Besides, the exhibition presents the works of art of representatives of older and younger generation of artists.

In addition to the main types of homes of the Ukrainian-Russian population of North-Eastern Slovakia, in the ethnographic Exhibition in nature (open-air museum) of the SNM-MUK, all types of traditional farm buildings: barns, cowsheds, granaries, sheds, cellars, wells and other smaller buildings are presented. These objects are used for the installation of traditional agricultural tools (various types of carts, ploughs, gates, bays, grain baskets and other various tools).

Industrial and technical objects are represented by the water mill of the Bogliarka village, water sawmill from Livov and other smaller objects. Other monuments include: a fire brigade from the village of Nižné Repaše from the first half of the 20th century, a wooden log frame school from Kurov from the year 1928 and seasonal dwellings. An attractive environment with the possibility of catering is offered by a traditional inn (carrier’s) with a coach house of the early 19th century.

The peak of the folk architecture of Ukrainians are wooden churches. The central point of the Museum in nature in Svidník is the wooden church from Nová Polianka (Mergeška) from the year 1766, originally dedicated to Saint Paraskeva.

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