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SNM – the Museum of Ukrainian culture in Svidník, the oldest national specialist museum with a national range which deals with documenting the basic stages of cultural-historical and socio-economic development of Ukrainians in Slovakia. The Museum has three exhibitions: The main cultural and historical exhibition, the ethnographic exhibition in nature – the open-air museum and the historical and artistic exhibition – Dezider Milly Gallery.

The Museum cooperates in developing synthesizing works and many international projects, primarily in the area of ​​research of traditional folk culture in the Carpathians and adjacent areas.

The three-storey cultural and historical exhibition of the SNM-MUK with an area of ​​1,700 m2 offers a brief description of natural and historical conditions in the region to visitors as well as an overview of the history of settlement, economy, public administration, social, national and cultural development of the ethnic group from the earliest times to the present day. In the time period from the Neolithic to the eighties of the 20th century it shows the area of ​​North-Eastern Slovakia with a focus on the development of inter-ethnic relations. Its thematic division is as follows:

  1. Introduction (basic information about the region, the museum and the exhibition content in the form of graphics, text and large exhibits)

  1. Man and Nature (short characterization of natural and climatic conditions due to their influence on the formation of the way of life of people)

  2. In the Footsteps of Ancestors (a sketch of historical development from the beginning of settlement until 1918)

  3. Traditional Folk Culture (main form of employment, crafts, clothing, folk art)

  4. Czechoslovak Period (from 1918)


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