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Aquaruthenia Water World offers the best conditions for rest, relaxation and fun.

Outdoor Pools are available in the summer from June to August. Here you can find:
- swimming-pool
- pool under the kids’ slide
- pool with artificial waves
- pool for kids with a mini slide
- new recreational pool
- indoor summer pool with warm water and water attractions

Indoor all-year-round pools are located in the newly built part of the object. Here you can find:
- relaxation pool – a relaxation pool has a massage bench and tables, water jet and massage at the pool bottom
- pool with massage – a pool with salt water and massage benches, spray showers and massage at the pool bottom.

Sauna World

Sauna World is open all year round. A whole range of saunas can be found there – infrared, Finnish, steam, herb, a cooling tub and a relaxation area.

Salt Cave – offers relaxation in the form of salty air that reduces allergy symptoms. A stay is beneficial for people with chronic runny nose, inflammation of the nose and throat or bronchitis. A forty-five minute stay at the salt cave corresponds to three days by the sea. It has a strong preventive effect against seasonal diseases because it supports the immune system operation.

Kneipp’s Water Path – is located in the all-year-round facility. It is based on alternating influence of temperatures. The path begins in hot water with a temperature of 40 – 50 °C. The second part has a temperature of water of 10 – 15 °C. An element of Kneipp’s hydrotherapy is interchangeable submerging the legs in hot and cold water. What is important is the active movement of legs in bath tubs filled with water of contrasting temperatures (40 - 46 °C and 10 - 16 °C) which is repeated in 6 to 10 cycles.


The all-year-round facility houses a coffeehouse which is placed directly in the pool area. You can comfortably drink coffee, tea or other refreshing drink there. The offer also includes small snacks.

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